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Kwame Salter has been a persistent force for strategic inclusion in corporate America, including at Kraft Foods Inc. where he served as a senior vice president and spearheaded the corporation’s DEI initiatives. 




The Power of Differences: DEI as a Business Growth Strategy 

Too often, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are enacted as a public relations strategy in reaction to social justice demonstrations in the larger society. As a result, some see the recent surge in DEI positions as simply as “window dressing” instead of a serious effort to dismantle systemic racism. DEI is often seen as an “eye wash” instead of becoming the foundation of an enterprise-wide culture shift.  While the public relations strategy often buys time for businesses, true progress has not been sustainable.  


Once we go beyond convening non-minority employees to sit through half-day workshops where they are nudged to acknowledge their unconscious and conscious biases, we can then address the elephant in the room—systemic racism.  Effectively addressing systemic racism will have a positive impact on business processes and outcomes. Dismantling systemic racism will have a demonstrated positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.  


In this no-holds barred conversation with Kwame Salter, we will: 

  • Engage in an open dialogue about the realities of racism in the workplace  
  • Learn the key performance indicators of a successful DEI strategy 
  • Discover three ways to implement a culture shift within your own organization 



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Strategy Session | The Power of Differences: DEI as a Business Growth Strategy
Hall B
2:15 - 3:15 p.m.
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