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Dr. Moses Altsech is an award-winning professor, keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant with over 30 years’ teaching experience at the graduate and undergraduate level. As a consultant and researcher he has worked with dozens of clients from over thirty industries across the U.S. and overseas.





The cost of gaining a new customer is up to six times greater than the cost of keeping an existing one—that’s why customer satisfaction should be a primary goal of every organization. Customer satisfaction is really a bridge to customer loyalty—and it’s a bridge no business can afford to ignore. How do your customers perceive your product and how satisfied are they with your service? How can you monitor customer satisfaction most effectively, and how can you best deal with customer dissatisfaction? If you don’t listen to your customers, count on the fact that your competition will. In fact, studies show that only 4% of unsatisfied customers ever complain to a manager or employee, but they tell a great many people about their bad experience.

In this session, Dr. Moses Altsech will share how small and large companies attained new heights of success by creating and implementing customer satisfaction programs–and how you can create one for your business!



  • Identify the 10 principles that must be at the core of what makes your organization thrive
  • Learn how to identify and address customer concerns
  • Discover how to create and implement a customer satisfaction program


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10 Commandments of Customer Satisfaction
Seminar Stage - Exhibit Hall
11:15 a.m. - 12 p.m.
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