About Leah

Leah Roe is a Certified Life & Leadership Coach through the Co-Active Training Institute (CPCC), and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation.​ As a coach, Leah celebrates leaders for who they are and who they want to be, while also holding their feet to the fire to take action and achieve incredible results. As a trust expert, Leah helps organizations take their culture and team performance to the next level in a psychologically safe, fun, and highly effective way. ​Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Leah was the vice president of people, operations, and culture at a remote-first health IT company.


Build Trust on Your Remote Team or Risk Your Bottom Line

Research shows that a lack of trust affects your bottom line more than anything else. High-trust organizations have higher levels of productivity, innovation, employee engagement, retention, revenue, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. High-trust organizations are higher-performing. It’s that simple. But trust isn’t something that magically appears and remains until one day it mysteriously vanishes. Trust doesn’t happen by default, it happens by design. Behaviors build and break trust. And trust is a set of learned behaviors.

Building trust on a remote or hybrid team brings a whole new set of challenges to the table. Is my team being productive? What are they working on? Am I being a micromanager? Am I being present enough? What’s expected of me? Am I working on the right things? Does my boss think I’m being productive? What do my teammates think of me?


In this session, attendees will learn:

  • Why trust affects your bottom line more than anything else, and how you can become a high-trust leader and build a high-trust team in a remote/hybrid world
  • What behaviors actually build trust, the behaviors that break trust, and how to rebuild it when it is broken
  • New tools that you can easily implement right away in order to positively transform your culture and confidently drive business results



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Build Trust on Your Remote Team or Risk Your Bottom Line
Seminar Stage - Exhibit Hall
11:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
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